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Damiano Ciolli

Quinta do Casal do Ramilo is a privileged estate, situated between Sintra and Mafra, which has sheltered four generations of the Ramilo family. The estate has an area of 50 acres, which, since the early twentieth century, were devoted to agriculture and wine.

The estate is located in a valley with southern orientation in a rural setting and landscape of rare beauty, with non-populated mountains and the famous hills of Sintra and the Pena Palace as a backgroud. This estate is part of a major wine producing area in the nineteenth century. The European crises of the mid twentieth century led to a gradually abandonment of the vines in the region, due to the high costs of production caused by the mountainous terrain.

Despite the region's proximity to the sea, the Lizandro river valleys and the numerous streams that converge on it, create a microclimate characterized by wet mornings and nights and warm afternoons, where temperatures often hover around 30ºC. This balanced climate associated with the rocky soils of the region, enables the creation of very special wines, with an often hard to reach balance in other parts of the country.

Location - Olevano Romano, Lazio

Winemaker - Damiano Ciolli

Farming - Practicing Organic

Size - 7 Hectares

Damiano Ciolli
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  • Varietal: 100% Cesanese d'Affile

  • Appellation: Cesanese di Olevano Romano

  • Soil Type & Elevation: Red volcanic soils; 300-450 meters

  • Vine Age: 30 years, on average

  • Harvest: Hand harvested, only once maturation has reached an optimal level

  • Winemaking: Blended from several vineyard blocks, with each block fermented separately.  Natural fermentation in concrete vats; 10-day maceration; aged in concrete vats for no less than one year; it is then blended and aged an additional three months in bottle

  • Other: The wine is named after Silene vulgaris, the wildflower that grows throughout the vineyard

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