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Quinta da Palmirinha

Fernando Paiva pioneered biodynamic principles in Portugal to create grapes of outstanding quality. Located in Sousa, Vinho Verde, at the farm it is mandatory to respect the soil and to stimulate the equilibrium and connection of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms. Influenced by french biodynamists, Fernando strives to work in agriculture which is friendly to both environment and the consumers. This balance naturally imprints on the wines themselves which are produced from Loureiro, Arinto, Azal for white and Vinhu for red. Very typical grape types for the region, produced in pure conditions they are empowered to create vivid sensual experiences that are worth having.

Location - Amarante, Vinho Verde

Winemaker - Fernando Paiva

Farming - Biodynamic

Size - 3.5 Hectares

Quinta do Palmirinha
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  • Varietal: 100% Loureiro

  • Appellation: Vinho Verde

  • Harvest: Biodynamically grown grapes, harvested by hand

  • Winemaking: The grapes are macerated for three weeks to produce this orange wine; zero sulfites are used--in their place Fernando uses powdered chestnut flowers made from chestnut trees grown right on the property.  In fact, he has pioneered this use of chestnut flowers as a wine preservative!

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